Intra-Workout Sugars: They are your friend.


Take a look around the gym, and you’ll most likely find that some of your fellow weight lifters are consuming high sugar, high caffeine pre-workout drinks, or even snacking on sugary candies while working out. The idea that intra workout carbs is not a new concept, but there are better, less strenuous replacements out there. Workhorse delivers simple carbs throughout your workout, and maintains energy for performance and intensity during your workout.

Your body uses glucose as a fuel source, giving you energy throughout the day. Starting a workout with low blood sugar is one of the worst things you can do, and more than likely you won’t make it 5 minutes into your warm-up. If you give yourself an energy source to pull from, your output is going to be better throughout your workout, which means that you’ll be able to lift more for a longer amount of time.

Workhorse is an all natural, Pre-Intra workout compound. We use 18 grams of Dextrose (per serving) for fueling your workouts, without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. We provide the perfect cocktail of natural ingredients to give you blood flow and pump during your weight training.