Ann VanderbusH


I am a big believer in stories and journeys, and we all have our own. I've found many of us share the same story with a different stage. Growing up with a twin brother, from a broken family, things were always complicated and we all struggled to find an outlet. 

As I got older, my outlets became a bit unhealthy and I struggled to find myself. Of course life carries us through paths and journeys which are individual to us, and are the lessons which help us grow and become who we are.

I delved hard into training in one of the darkest and hardest moments of my life as a form of solace and release. I had no idea it would become my life... my identity.


So my life made a drastic change, and I began using the gym as a source of comfort and control in my own life. I began to feel empowered and comfortable in my own skin because I finally was taking control over my own life. I was blessed to meet a great man named Jim, who guided me into the powerlifting group. After watching me train day in and day out alone and aggressive, he asked if I would like to learn how to do the movements right – of course, I accepted.

I have now had the honor of training and coaching many record-holding athletes in both powerlifting and strongman competitions, and have won several championship events myself. 

I'm not the traditional female athlete or even the traditional idea most people hold of a female athlete. I worked hard to gain the respect I have in the gym and in my field. Being part of the Black Sheep family is a great honor because we should all want to stand out. Blending in is to be mediocre and no one ever strives for that. 

Kristina Hendershott

Hi, I’m Kristina Hendershott, a proudly sponsored athlete powered by Black Sheep Supplements. I was asked to share a little about my journey into bodybuilding and about my take on fitness/nutrition.

I found lifting during a very dark time in my life, a time where everything was taken from me and I was desperately trying to find a way to feel like I had some control and choice in my life. I still remember the morning after my first leg day, not being able to stand up and walk to the bathroom. Having to slowly lower myself onto the toilet because easing onto it was unbearable. I think for most people that would have been enough to detour them, but for me it started a whole new world. It created a world where I chose how hard I went, how heavy, how fast, how slow, and my knowledge in the subject was only limited if I chose not to learn and chase. If I was not happy with my performance, I only had myself to blame and only needed myself to improve. Soon enough I fell in love with how I felt while lifting, after lifting (self-esteem grows with lifting), the soreness, the calluses and the eating! Hahaha I love to eat!


For me, the importance of nutrition naturally followed. If I wanted this strong body, I needed to learn how to feed it, help it build and most importantly, how to help it recover. The term “diet” is scary to me. I believe in clean and flexible eating. I don’t believe in crazy restriction because it’s not realistic AND I LOVE CARBS! I EAT LOTS OF CARBS! Because I constantly eat clean, I never worry about enjoying myself at holidays, celebrations and social events. Because of my physical activity, my body utilizes and builds with what I put into it. I lift big to eat big! I love chasing weight and trying to wreak myself in the gym, so it’s super important I feed my body right. 

Making the decision to get into bodybuilding has been the most positive thing I’ve ever done for myself. It’s given me meaning and I’m so excited to be with a sponsor that knows the exact fire and inspiration that picking up a weight can ignite in you and help bring you back to life.