Dylan Burns - Founder/CEO

Dylan Burns - Founder/CEO


Our Story

I am an amateur bodybuilder. Sacrifice, structure, pain and the incremental small victories that over time can sculpt a man or women into an enhanced version of themselves is my passion.

I started designing my own supplements when I was worn out from contest prep and frustrated with a supplement market flooded with hype, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and under-dosing. I decided to start mixing my own formulas in my wife's Kitchen Aid mixer, and customized them to preform during my contest preparation.

From then on my new mission was to create clean, well dosed supplements with real flavors for bodybuilders looking for a trusted source of clean, nutritional supplementation. I designed these products for my own training, based on the attitude that real food and hard work come first. Supplementation is there to improve an already solid bodybuilding program; Black Sheep Supplements is here to help you along your own journey.

You can't reach your goals without unrelenting hard work and our products are designed to push you to work even harder.


- Dylan Burns CEO/Founder